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Position yourself as a leader in the dynamic landscape of the energy industry by aligning your brand with the prestigious Libya Energy & Economic Summit. As a sponsor or partner, you’ll gain unparalleled access to influential decision-makers, industry pioneers, and visionary leaders, establishing your organization as a pivotal force in shaping the future of Libya’s energy sector. 

By joining us as a sponsor, you’ll have the unique opportunity to build your brand to a diverse and engaged audience spanning E&P (Exploration and Production), Service Companies, Energy Industry, Government and Regulators. With a platform designed to amplify your message and elevate your visibility, your organization will stand out as a beacon of excellence and innovation in the energy arena. 

Step into a world of boundless opportunities at the Libya Energy & Economic Summit’s Pavilion Showcase. This innovative exhibition format features dedicated country and industry pavilions, each meticulously curated to foster growth, investment, and innovation. From showcasing the latest technological advancements to highlighting investment prospects in Libya’s energy sector, these pavilions provide a dynamic platform for networking, collaboration, and knowledge exchange. Explore, engage, and discover the limitless potential awaiting you at the Pavilion ShowcaseJoin us as a sponsor or partner at the Libya Energy & Economic Summit and chart a course towards a future defined by innovation, collaboration, and sustainable growth.

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We offer a number of speaking opportunities, including keynote addresses, presentations, panel discussions and moderator slots. Please contact our programming team for opportunities.


Whether it's LEES 2025 or any of our events and networking functions in the 2024 calendar, we invite you to contact our team to engage, connect and invest.


We offer a multitude of branding and VIP access opportunities, from owning an event function, to content and online promotion and media management, to being a full-time relationship broker.


Book raw space in our Pavilions or hire our expert team of designers and stand builders for customized or pre-designed stand solutions. Contact our commercial team to confirm your package.


We partner with leading media, industry and business associations. Gain access to ECP conferences, distribute publications, participate as moderators on panel discussions and get exposure with branding on conference materials.

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