2021 Recap

Energy Capital & Power (ECP) produced the first-ever Libya Energy & Economic Summit, with the official endorsement of the Office of Prime Minister H.E. Abdulhamid M. A. Al Dabiba, and resolute commitment from the Libyan government to revitalizing the national energy sector. The Libya Energy & Economic Summit was supported by the National Oil Corporation of Libya and the Ministry of Oil and Gas.

The Libya Energy & Economic Summit 2021 represented the first international energy event in Tripoli in almost a decade, as the North African producer seeks to revive its oil and gas industry and boost oil output on the back of more stable conditions in the country. This event sought to drive foreign capital, technology and expertise into the country’s energy sector, utilizing sectoral revitalization as a catalyst for broader economic growth.

The conference examined the conditions for oil and gas investment and financing, power provision, new projects, Libya’s role as an Africa / Europe energy nexus, and its position in the energy transition narrative.

ECP and its partners were honored to welcome investors and champions of Libya’s re-emergence to the Libya Energy & Economic Summit 2021 – an historic occasion, and a beacon for Libya’s transformation and growth in the years to come.

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