Libya Resumes Operations at Thermal Cracking Plant

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Libya’s National Oil Corporation has announced the resumption of operations at the Ras Lanuf Industrial Complex’s thermal cracking plant following a 12-year hiatus.

Libya’s state-owned National Oil Corporation (NOC) has resumed operations at the Ras Lanuf Industrial Complex’s thermal cracking plant, marking the formalized start of production at the facility.

According to the NOC, ethylene gas has been successfully introduced to the complex’s tanks, signaling the start of operations following a period of 12 years of inactivity.

In May 2023, the NOC shared that the Ras Lanuf Oil and Gas Processing Company – the firm charged with the management of the complex – had begun the process of resuming operations following the completion of maintenance of all units. May 12 saw the introduction of naphtha into the furnaces and the operation of the cracked gas compressor, with the recent milestone showing ethylene successfully reaching the tanks in accordance with the necessary standards.

The Ras Lanuf Industrial Complex is expected to unlock a wave of economic opportunities for Libya, creating jobs while stimulating business growth.

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