Deepblue Affirms North Africa as its Primary Market Focus

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Southern European-based service provider ,Deepblue Energy Services, is looking at opportunities to deploy its clean drilling solutions in the North African market.

Italian service provider Deepblue Energy Services S.r.l. (Deepblue) is eyeing opportunities in Africa to deploy its green drilling solutions for the oil, gas and geothermal industries. The company’s Managing Director, Luigi Liberatore, discussed Deepblue’s activities, the opportunities in Libya, and its ambitions in Africa in an exclusive interview at the Libya Energy and Economic Summit 2024.

Please elaborate on Deepblue Energy’s specialized services in the oil and gas industry.

Deepblue Energy is a service provider specializing in the geothermal and oil & gas industries. With over two decades of expertise in drilling services, Deepblue Energy – based in southern Europe – operates in Italy and has ongoing operations in Serbia and Albania. We are focused on offering reliable, affordable and sustainable energy solutions, particularly in clean energy deployment such as geothermal. Digitalization is a key aspect we emphasize, utilizing cutting-edge drilling and intervention technology.

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Are there any specific initiatives in Libya‘s energy and economic sectors that you are actively pursuing?

While we are currently not engaged in Libya, we are earnestly exploring opportunities in the Libyan energy and economic sectors. We do not have a project in Libya currently but we have supported drilling projects in the Country previously.  Being part of this summit helped me gain some inside information, and hopefully we will make it happen with the demand for clean technology, which is something new for Libya.

Shifting our focus to your current activities, could you elaborate on Deepblue Energy’s onshore operations?

In Albania, our interest spans mainly for shallow wells drilling in the Patos-Marinëz Oilfield, led by Bankers Petroleum, as well as with other independent gas Operators which have deeper targets; but new deep well exploration in mountainous regions, spearheaded in the last few years by Shell and recently by Eni, is attracting our attention as flexible and dynamic service provider of choice, especially when time is of the essence. In Serbia, some projects requiring drilling efficiencies whilst maintaining the energy security are on stream and constructive discussions are ongoing. I can summarize that while the current focus is related to onshore projects – due to offshore rigs availability challenges – we’re adapting to the unique demands of each region. Our experiences in these diverse landscapes contribute to a flexible approach that can be applied to projects across Africa, the Gulf Cooperation Council area, and the Asia Pacific.

How can you adapt and transfer your skills to the African market, and are there other markets in Africa that interest Deepblue Energy?

Adapting our drilling technology to the African market involves addressing challenges such as supply chain limitations and increased demand for skilled personnel post-pandemic. The African market, particularly North Africa, remains a primary focus due to logistical proximity and strategic partnerships in place. Deepblue Energy, as a junior company, prioritizes resource focus and acknowledges the unique demands of the African market, especially in regions requiring sophisticated technology like floaters for deep-water activities. North Africa will continue to be our primary target.


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