Czech Republic Signs On for Libya Energy & Economic Summit

Václav Bartuška
Václav Bartuška, Special Envoy for Energy Security at the Czech Republic’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has been confirmed to speak at the upcoming Libya Energy & Economic Summit.

Václav Bartuška, Special Envoy for Energy Security at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, will speak at the Libya Energy & Economic Summit (LEES) taking place in Tripoli next month – showcasing European interest in Libya’s energy reserves.

While energy production in the Czech Republic primarily comes from nuclear and conventional coal-fired power plants, the rising cost of carbon credits and stricter regulations from the European Union have effectively phased out coal production. As a result, the European country is seeking solutions to maintain its energy independence, while reducing national greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030. Bartuška is expected to discuss the country’s strategy for ensuring a reliable energy supply and the potential areas of cooperation with Libya.

The Czech Republic joins a growing list of European nations – which includes Malta, Italy and Spain – taking a renewed interest in Libya’s energy reserves. Last January, the Czech Ambassador to Libya met with Libya’s former Foreign Minister to express support for the Government of National Unity and discuss strengthening bilateral relations across all fields, including the energy sector. Across two days of discussions and dealmaking, LEES will connect global energy stakeholders, with a view to forging new partnerships within the sector. 

The Libya Energy & Economic Summit takes place in Tripoli from 13-14 January, 2024 in official partnership with the Office of the Prime Minister, the National Oil Corporation and the Ministry of Oil and Gas. For more information about sponsorship, partnerships or registration, visit and secure your spot at the country’s premier energy platform.

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