First Oil Exported from Libya’s Erawin Field

crude oil
Libya’s NOC, in collaboration with Zallaf Libya Oil and Gas, has announced the first-ever shipment of Erawin crude oil.

Libya’s parastatal National Oil Corporation (NOC) has exported its first shipment of Erawin crude oil. Produced from the Erawin onshore field, the crude oil had been exported through oil and gas exploration company, Zallaf Libya Oil and Gas.

Announced on 16 November, the inaugural shipment was estimated at 600,000 barrels and was exported through the Port of Zawiya in northwestern Libya.

Production at the Erawin field commenced in March 2023 with an initial production rate of 3,000 barrels per day (bpd), which has since increased to a rate of 6,000 bpd as of November.

Oil production from the field is expected to reach more than 16,000 bpd pending completion of all wells and pipelines linking the Erawin field to the Sharara field export route in Libya’s Murzuq Desert.

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